"Dr.Spa" by Greg Lotus from Vogue Italia Beauty In 2005 ifusn:


Grey Wolves (2009)Malena Mazza

Anonymous: I want to be vegan but i have no clue what to eat for lunch since i hate salad!!

fruit and veg, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, basically anything thats not meat or dairy, the list is endless! i like fruit meals (1000 cals)

Anonymous: Everything is ALLL to do with your looks on your page there's no break from it ever like fucking helll it gives me palpitations

well fuckk of then lol? i know its addictive but like oway lol

u-r-s-a-e: How many followers? It doesnt have to be specific. :)

65,116 to be specific 

Anonymous: Your so caught up about your looks you need to chill going through your blog is so depressing such shitty vibes

So so shitty eating foods clean healthy and caring for my health and the environment I mean I’m just the most negative person ever

Making my workouts a little more enjoyable
Anonymous: Being vegan is actually pretty unhealthy. You should just be a vegetarian

I’ll do whatever the fuck I wanna do ya??? Ya

Anonymous: Whats are some basic items on your grocerie list?

Basically all fruit and veg

Anonymous: What was the shirt/trousers like that you wore to your Zara interview? I'm stuck, I have an interview next Wednesday!!

Just black high waist jeans, black basic tee and black pin stripe coat

khallas: I miss the music you used to have on your blog it was so good :(

Same :(

Anonymous: What's your fav movie?

The help lol!!